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Victorian Motorcross

30-30 couldn’t be over fast enough for me to get back out and do some shopping!  I realized that I really need more basics on the bottom.

I found these great motocross inspired jeggings.  They fit great but will need to have the waist taken in because they gap pretty badly.  Since the rest of the fit was great I went ahead and got them.  The nice Chinese lady down the street at the dry cleaners does a great tailoring job and she wowed me with my last pair of jeans that I took to her.

The sweater was a gift from my Mom.  She was sad that she’d almost missed the sweater season but since the weather has been crazy cold here lately I assured her I would still get use out of it.

It went so perfectly with the shirt I found on sale from Free People.  If you have one of these stores near you don’t be put off by the insanely hippie vibe.  I wouldn’t describe my style as boho at all, but every time I go in I find something that is unique and cute and once it’s on it strikes a nice balance of artsy and cool.

The shirt and sweater matched so well, both having the same plummy purple (the purple doesn’t really show up too well in the photos because it was such a gray day) and I loved how the sweater rose a bit in the back to show off the shirts little “train.”

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The Red Boots & The Ivy

It was sunny and warmer today, so I wore my sunny California winter short-sleeved sweater.

I realized after leaving home that my leggings looked like a cooler black.  Black can be such an obnoxious color since you’d assume black is black but… no.  Next time I wear this sweater I think I’ll pair it with my skinny jeans.

My hair is picking up so much pink from the sunset it looks red!

Sweater: Express, ’10

Boots: Mia Mooz, ’10

Leggings: Express



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