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I <3 Daytime Sequins

I got this shirt from a lady at work who said that she loved it but every time she put it on she just couldn’t see herself wearing it out of the house.  After seeing me bedecked in some other sequin item she brought it to me, “You’ll love this” she promised.  And I do!

It’s a cashmere tank top with sequin panels on the front.  It’s crazy shiny and wearing it alone might blind someone if I stand in the sun at the wrong angle, but worn as a layer it works wonderfully.

The loose weave knit of the light sweater (can’t see it in the drawing) as the top layer let’s the sequins poke through from underneath and isn’t too heavy.

I’m squeezing the last life out of my multi-print leopard flats.  This may have been the last day I wore them since they’re officially falling apart.  I’m sad, but at least they got some happy wearing out of them!

For some reason sequins seem very winter to me, maybe icy and a little harsh.  It is probably something I’ll phase out for the summer months, but this made a great transitional outfit.

Black Sweater: TJ Maxx, ’11

Sequin Tank: c/o co-worker, BCBG Max Azria, ’11

Jeans: J Brand via Anthro, ’09

Shoes: Nine West via TJ Maxx, ’10

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Rain Rain Go Away

I woke up this morning and it was incredibly dreary out.  Cold and gray and having rained the night before, wet.  What is this weather?  The end of March and it’s still cool and gross.  Okay, I’ll stop complaining as I know most of you reading this are just beginning to see the first signs of spring and here I am wanting full-blown summer.

I decided boots and jeans were in order and threw on a coat as I walked out the door.  Of course the day I wear a coat it turns sunny and warm by mid afternoon.

Grey Military Coat (no drawing): H&M, ’09

Periwinkle Shirt: Limited, ’10

Cropped Jeans: J Brand, ’09

Boots: Rockport, ’10

Scarf: Pier 1 Imports (Yes, I know, it’s a strange place to buy clothes but I had a gift certificate I needed to use up.)



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30-30 Day 28 – The End

The challenge is finally over.  My friend V-Ron (she also is kind enough to take all my pictures) said that doing just 28 days is cheating since it is called thirty for THIRTY.  But I assured her I was done.  There were a few days where I wore more than one outfit and from a practical standpoint, I have no more clean clothes!  In fact, I’m wearing a non approved black shirt under the sweater.  I purposefully hid it, so that I could cheat, but I’m telling you anyway so….

It was a good month!  I can’t believe I made it all the way through.   It was an amazing amount of variety, though it was a pain to do laundry so much more frequently.  I put together some outfits I wouldn’t have normally worn and learned what I could really use more of – basic bottoms!


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30-30 Day 23

Only 5 days left!!!  Clearly I lacked inspiration today.  I was going to jazz it up by adding a hot pink scarf but ran out the door and totally forgot it.  Oh well, sometimes you have to just do simple.

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30-30 Day 11

When I looked in my closet this morning I was for the first time feeling a little doubtful about being locked into these 30 pieces.  But when the going gets tough, the tough get creative.  I never would have mixed this top with this skirt, but necessity is a great thing.  Turns out, I love this mix!

I bought this skirt last fall at Forever 21 after being inspired by the great brocade looks from the Fall 2010 Balmain show (see pic at bottom of post) – see some more pictures of it here.   I love that it’s a little bit rock and roll and a little Louis XIV.  Brocade has nice memories for me, since my first “sexy grown-up” dress was a blue and tan brocade mini sheath (I wish I had a picture of it!).  I felt like a million dollars in that dress.

The belt is from Nordstrom Rack, ’09


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My Sister – The Classy One

My sister is galavanting about China – see her adventures here – and since I mentioned her here, I thought I would share this picture she sent me.  And not only is she classy – she’s also a physicist!


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30-30 Day 4

It’s my birthday!

I got my hair blown out for the occasion.  It’s big and curly – va va voom!

I am leaving work a little early today so I can prep for the dinner party I’m throwing for a few friends.  On Monday you’ll get to see my two birthday dresses on!

Thanks to Veronica – who’s back from the flu for the lovely picture.

Have a wonderful weekend all – I sure will!!


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Blue Infinity


It was a freezing cold day and raining so jeans and boots were in order.  I felt a little like I was about to go ride horses but I like this outfit it was really warm and cozy when the office was 64 degrees this morning.

Boots: Rockport ’09

Blazer: Banana Republic ’07 (I’ve almost worn it to death! Such a good buy.)

Jeans: Guess by Marciano ’10 (I had to get the waist tailored but now they fit great.)

Tank Top: H&M

Infinity Scarf: Gifted

Bracelet: Gifted from China, it’s stone.


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