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Keeping the Closet Happy

Recently I received a note from a reader (okay, it was my mom but this note almost makes that better!) which I found really sweet:

“I think you should include something in your blog about “letting go” of the old stuff.  You are really good at that and lots of people have a difficult time doing this.  I have come to really regret keeping stuff until it is to out dated to be useful to someone else.  I have learned a lot from you about that.”

So here’s your post mom, I hope everyone finds it helpful as we begin to think about Spring/Summer 2011!  It may not actually be time to bring out the sundresses, but it’s just the right time to start organizing the closet.

I love switching my wardrobe because it is a time of to reevaluate my style, and a time to prune what may no longer be reflecting the person I’m becoming.

I start with my dresser drawers.  Time to sort through tights I hate, underwear that has lived its life and t-shirts that have seen better days.  These things I just throw out, does somebody really want used tights?

Then on to the closet.  I usually begin by carefully going through my clothes to see what needs ironing/mending/tailoring/dry cleaning and what should really be given away or tossed.  I like to put things in storage clean for next season.  Plus it’s a good idea to put things away clean because bugs love the smell of BO and the taste of wool with some body oil in it.  Yummy!

Next it’s time to look objectively and see what I haven’t worn all season.  Usually I haven’t worn it in several seasons but this year I was being hopeful.  If this is the case then it’s time to pass the item on before, as my mom pointed out, “it’s too dated to be useful to someone else.”  I always have an easier time parting with something when I keep in mind how much somebody else might enjoy it.

Realistically there may be nothing wrong with the item, its just not among the first things I reach for when I need to build an outfit, doesn’t fit me perfectly, or doesn’t reflect my style anymore.

I always feel such a relief when I am able to cull through everything and really trim off the things that aren’t me anymore.  The clothes don’t make the man, and while they may remind me of a time in my life, a happy day or some aspect of who I am or once was, they’re just things.  I carry the memories with me and those will last longer than the shirt that somebody else could be making happy memories in.

Here’s some of the clothes I decided to send on their merry way.

Plum tweed capri pants with a ribbon sash – fit me a bit to snug around the thigh.

Black bandage mini, was the only size left a small, and while it fits me, it rides up when I walk.

Camel kimono shirt, silk.  I love this, but the color isn’t really “me” and I usually just never get around to wearing it.

A really cute black pencil skirt that flares at the hem – which is hard to see on a hanger.  It’s wool, and perfect for an office job.  But I don’t need 57 black skirts.

This “poet” shirt is wonderfully silky with black stitching and tiny pleats.  It is a bit tight around my bust and too uncomfortable to wear.

This teeny tiny mini skirt is tiered with ruffles and sequins.  It’s really cute but too short to wear during the day and therefore in my real life – not the life I imagine living.

A lightweight sweater that I think of as “tennis-ey.”  It’s just a little too short for my torso length, which makes it continually ride up.

Already have another denim pencil skirt and this one with the zipper and the rips looks a bit too collegiate.

If you happen to live in LA and are interested in these items (ranging in size S/M – 6-10ish) let me know – they’re up for grabs!


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