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30 for 30 – Day 3

It’s weird how many outfits you can garner from 30 pieces.  Which makes you realize how much excess one really has.  30 is probably 20% of my entire closet, and I wouldn’t say I have an excessive amount of clothing.  It just collects over the years and it’s fun to buy new things.  Part of this challenge is that there’s no shopping for the whole month.  It’s like a recalibration of your closet value.  After wearing the same 30 things you begin to look at everything you own with new eyes.  And really, I think mostly we tend to wear the same few things anyway until we get tired of them.  Well I do at least.


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30-30 Day 2

My picture taking buddy at work (during day-time hours) is sick.  Today I’m going to figure out a way to take a better outside picture with the timer but I didn’t want to miss a day so here’s yesterday’s outfit.


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I love this month, it has my birthday (which I love and never want to get annoyed by as I get older!) and Valentine’s day!  People give V-Day a bad rap, but it’s nice, especially in a month that in some parts of the country has little else going for it!  February can be that dreary dead time of year when there’s nothing to look forward to except the dreary dead March, my personal least favorite month.

Picked out my 30 for 30 (really it’s 30 for 28) late Monday night, and had a cool idea for showing you what I picked but work has been so busy there’s no time to goof off (imagine that!).  So it will have to wait until later this week.

Here’s a really crummy indoor (read with flash) shot of what I wore yesterday.  Didn’t get a chance to take the picture during the day – this daily picture taking business is harder than it may seem!

White Camp Shirt, Express ’09

Denim Skirt, Express, ’10

Necklace, gifted, ’09

Shoes, Nine West via TJ Maxx, ’10

Tights, Express


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Work-a-Day Sequins

I like the mix of something that used to be evening wear, with the day-time denim work shirt.  I got some compliments on the combination, “it’s gutsy!”

I wish it had more waste, maybe next time I add a belt?  I feel like when I look at this picture the skirt makes me feel short.  What do you think?

Denim Shirt, H&M ’10

Sequin Shirt, Express ’10

Knit Skirt, Forever 21 ’10

Boots, Rockport ’09


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