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Long (Black) Dress and a Shoooooort (Denim) Jacket

Yes, the original song lyric is “short skirt and a looooong jacket,” but you get it.

I normally don’t really pay much attention to which celebrities wear what, but I have to say I was amused when I saw both Emma Stone and January Jones wearing almost exactly the same thing I wore the other day.  (True I wore it later in the week than they, and much less formally, but I also didn’t have a stylist dressing me.)  Click on the image for source and article.


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30-30 Day 5.5

Here’s the dress I promised I’d tell you about.  I’m sad to say that the picture doesn’t do it justice.  It was freezing outside (and by freezing I mean like 50 degrees) so I had to wear the black cardigan with the strap-less dress.

It has a taffeta bodice with boning, a velvet bow around the waist, and a cream-colored tulle skirt with crinolines to make it extra poofy.  Normally I feel like this can make you look like a giant cupcake, but this was so classy – much more Betty Draper than little girl cupcake.  Fortunately for now, you can see it online still – even though the pictures are very small.  Click here.

The evening was so fun – a fancy dinner out on the town – that I totally forgot to take a picture that gave this outfit the attention it deserved.  Maybe I’ll do something fun with the girls on Valentine’s Day and you can see a better picture then.  Hey if it’s a 30-30 I have to wear it one more time!


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