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Elbow Patches on the East Coast

Though I don’t live on the East Coast, or consider my style very preppy, or happen to be wearing this as I tramp down an autumn leaf strewn country lane, this look really hits all those notes.

I decided to bust out this blazer one last time before I packed it away for the summer.  Unlike the flat drawing, it is a purpley burgundy (like the photo) corduroy.  This fabric is interesting because it almost seems to shimmer as you move because the under color is lighter orangey burgundy (like the drawing).  And it has elbow patches!  Elbow patches!  How very professorish of me!

I wore it with the teal sweater and not finding any necklace that really worked I decided on this scarf, which happened to have almost the same color teal in it.  I am secretly happy when something matches so well.

This outfit is a completely new combination of pieces and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Isn’t it funny how you can have pieces in your closet for year and never think about wearing them together?

Shirt/Light Sweater: Martin & Osa, ’09

Blazer: Express, ’05

Jeans: Guess by Marciano, ’10

Boots: Gifted, ’07

Scarf: Gifted, H&M, ’09

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Classics in Sunny Southern California

After wearing the same 30 pieces (and really it was more like 15) during my 30-30 challenge I feel like those pieces are old friends after such an intimate acquaintance.  These are the pieces I turn to when I’m in a hurry and fresh out of ideas, and in a huge rush.

Work has been really busy lately and my usual ETA at 7:30 has been pushed back to 7am just to keep up.  This means that when I roll out of bed I’m still half asleep and putting together a creative outfit has to be quick.  I wish I’d added a pop of color to this outfit but it was simple and I felt classy and that’s sometimes the best you can ask for on a harried morning.

As you can see the weather today was beautiful, still cool at about 65F, but I love that.

Thanks MN for taking the pic!

Shirt: Express, ’09

Blazer: Express, ’02?

Jeans: Guess Marciano, ’10

Boots: Rockport, ’10

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30-30 Day 26

I forgot to take a daytime picture so you get this lame indoor one with flash.  Oops!

It has been cold and rainy here and I didn’t feel like wearing heels on a day when the weather was so unpredictable.

I’ve never worn this dress with a blazer since I was worried that the ruffles around the neckline would get in the way but actually I think it worked well.

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30-30 Day 20

Gone for the weekend, so packing light.   Didn’t realize how cold the weather was going to be, so spent most of the weekend in the black blazer and scarf.  I think this white shirt may be the 30-30 winner for most used item!

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30-30 Day 18

I’m going on a short trip to see a friend this weekend!  I may be getting tired of this 30-30 deal but it does make packing a breeze.  I practically threw in a third of my 30 items and a bunch of underwear and am ready to make any outfit the weekend could throw at me.

Here’s today’s outfit, something comfy and warm – since it’s going to be cold all weekend and possibly rainy.  I whine but really I know half of you would die for temperatures in the 50’s.  So I’ll try to keep that at a minimum for you!

Have a wonderful weekend ladies!


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30-30 Day 7

Threw this on as I ran out the door, since I overslept a little.  Was considering replaying the outfit here but decided to switch it up and keep that for later.

After getting to work I realized that I’m not a big fan of the sneaker with skinny jeans look.  And I should have worn a scarf to keep this from being boring when I took off the jacket.  Isn’t it the worst to decide you don’t like your outfit when it’s too late?

I guess part of the 30-30 challenge is that you will have some high and some low moments. Despite how I felt in this mix, the picture looks cute – so maybe it was just me having the Monday blues after my happy fun-filled birthday weekend!  Back to normal life.


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30 for 30 – Day 3

It’s weird how many outfits you can garner from 30 pieces.  Which makes you realize how much excess one really has.  30 is probably 20% of my entire closet, and I wouldn’t say I have an excessive amount of clothing.  It just collects over the years and it’s fun to buy new things.  Part of this challenge is that there’s no shopping for the whole month.  It’s like a recalibration of your closet value.  After wearing the same 30 things you begin to look at everything you own with new eyes.  And really, I think mostly we tend to wear the same few things anyway until we get tired of them.  Well I do at least.


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Audrey Hepburn Meets the 80’s

I always feel boppily 60’s in these cropped jeans and flats.  My shoes and blazer are more firmly planted in the 80’s.  It’s a nice post-modern fashion mix.

This was an outfit that I put together from what was nearby since I woke up with only 10 minutes to get ready.  And happily it works!

I’m addicted to pushing up the sleeves of blazers.  I’m usually feel so strong and manly and shape-less in them and somehow pushing the sleeves up seems more approachable.  It also probably stretches out the sleeves and ruins them for wearing down but… that’s the beauty of Express!

Jeans: J Brand via Antrhopologie (sale!), ’09

T-Shirt: H&M, ’08

Blazer: Express, ’02? (Pilfered from my sisters cast offs)

Shoes: Nine West via TJ Maxx, ’10


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Blue Infinity


It was a freezing cold day and raining so jeans and boots were in order.  I felt a little like I was about to go ride horses but I like this outfit it was really warm and cozy when the office was 64 degrees this morning.

Boots: Rockport ’09

Blazer: Banana Republic ’07 (I’ve almost worn it to death! Such a good buy.)

Jeans: Guess by Marciano ’10 (I had to get the waist tailored but now they fit great.)

Tank Top: H&M

Infinity Scarf: Gifted

Bracelet: Gifted from China, it’s stone.


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