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Here in LA there are really just two seasons, cool and hot.  A few dashes of rain and wind thrown in and there you have it.  This makes dressing strangely uni-seasonal, which has taken me a bit to get used to.

I work in post-production which has the advantage of being a non-corporate job and let’s me dress pretty much however I want.  I have a job where I run around a lot and can easily spill things on myself so I try not to dress too fancy.  But I also like to look purposeful, as if work wasn’t a toss-up between painting the garage when I woke up.

Sometimes I feel like my style is a bit more East Coast than California boho girl – I’d never wear cut-offs!  I grew up in many places and have continued to move around the country and world in my adult life, so it’s hard for me to pin my look down.

Thanks for reading!  If you’d like to email me -I’d love to hear from you – you can send notes to
happiness in bites -at- gmail – dot com

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