30-30 Day 28 – The End

The challenge is finally over.  My friend V-Ron (she also is kind enough to take all my pictures) said that doing just 28 days is cheating since it is called thirty for THIRTY.  But I assured her I was done.  There were a few days where I wore more than one outfit and from a practical standpoint, I have no more clean clothes!  In fact, I’m wearing a non approved black shirt under the sweater.  I purposefully hid it, so that I could cheat, but I’m telling you anyway so….

It was a good month!  I can’t believe I made it all the way through.   It was an amazing amount of variety, though it was a pain to do laundry so much more frequently.  I put together some outfits I wouldn’t have normally worn and learned what I could really use more of – basic bottoms!


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2 responses to “30-30 Day 28 – The End

  1. congrats!! you did it! LOVE those printed flats, btw. i think i’d wear those way too much for my own good…
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (remixer…just 3 more days…)

    • Sierra

      I know, they’re almost worn out and I’m very sad! The funny part though is that when they were new and in the Nine West store I picked them up and scoffed “who would wear these?!” apparently me a couple of months later! haha

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