30-30 Day 18

I’m going on a short trip to see a friend this weekend!  I may be getting tired of this 30-30 deal but it does make packing a breeze.  I practically threw in a third of my 30 items and a bunch of underwear and am ready to make any outfit the weekend could throw at me.

Here’s today’s outfit, something comfy and warm – since it’s going to be cold all weekend and possibly rainy.  I whine but really I know half of you would die for temperatures in the 50’s.  So I’ll try to keep that at a minimum for you!

Have a wonderful weekend ladies!


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4 responses to “30-30 Day 18

  1. I really like the blazer and jeans look — Zara and H&M both have some really cute ones — the long cut, boyfriend ones, and I really like them. I might have to invest :p

    50! It gets 50 here and I feel like it’s full spring. Yesterday I didn’t wear a hat OR gloves when I went out and it felt sooo thrilling!

    • Sierra

      Funny that this blazer was actually yours from high school and you didn’t want it anymore!

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      • Which is so lame — did I give you both those blazers? I finally gave up on them after 6 years – the cut just seemed too dated (the long version — where for so long it was the shorter-higher cut jacket). Then, I let them go, and look what just FINALLY came back! the long cut blazer! ridiculous.

        Makes you want to NEVER clean out your closet!

  2. Sierra

    You didn’t give me the gray one, just the black one. But at least it’s getting some more life, and if you ever come back I’ll pass it along to you 🙂 I’m generous like that! haha

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