30-30 Day 14: Happy V-Day!

Valentine’s Day gets such a bad rap.  But I like it.  Sure, it’s fake, it’s cheesy but really, love is nothing if not a giant cliché!  Plus winter needs as many little sunny spots as it can gather (I say that remembering how dreary winter can be in the Northern states).  Who doesn’t need as much love as they can have in life?  And who I ask doesn’t love red, pink and white?!  Me for one!

In my mind I had thought about wearing this red dress (also worn here) over the top of the white shirt.  Haven’t you seen a mannequin or two wearing something similar?  On plastic perfection it looks cool and creative.  It was really a no go for in real life.  It looked like I was trying to be sexy with a strap-less dress but then got scared and added a shirt underneath.  But I wanted to wearing the dress, so instead I wore it underneath!

Haven’t you seen those blurbs about going from work to date?  Viola!  I’m evening ready, all I have to do is take off the shirt!  Unfortunately I don’t have exciting evening plans – it’s too crowded anyway – but I love how I get another red pencil skirt out of this dress!

Belt is from Nordstrom Rack, ’10


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12 responses to “30-30 Day 14: Happy V-Day!

  1. “And who doesn’t love red/pink/white? — Me for one!”

    um… I think you didn’t mean to confirm the negation of the previous phrase… Ironic that you don’t love it when the rest of your blog seems to support the fact that you do 😉

  2. Also… (and sorry to comment twice).. whenever I try to do the ‘shirt-under-strappless’ look I am reminded of those awful 90’s dresses — the spaghetti-strap shifts with white t-shirts underneath. They might have been intended to add spunk as well but the effect of the look, and indeed the whole overall age, was dominated by the most unflattering show of being overtly modest. ick.

  3. Haha! Way to call her out on grammar, Katherine! So funny.

    Also, I just wanted to say you look fierce today!

  4. susan

    your mama totally rocks! I love seeing the things that I bought you get so much mileage! That backpacker shirts is amazing isn’t it!

    • happinessinbites

      Ya it has gotten a lot of mileage – I’m so glad you ended up getting me two accidentally because after wearing them to work they are getting stained with oil and coffee.

  5. Great combo! My white button-up has definitely been a go-to in my 30×30. That red is such a great color on you!

  6. You look great! I love it when you can get a new skirt out of a dress.

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