Inspiration Board: Spring 2011

I’m beginning to think about clothes I want to wear during the spring months (short as they are here in LA).  I came across this lovely catalog from Talbots.  Talbots used to be such a fuddy duddy grandma type store.  They’re either changed their look or I’m older now – could be both – and I love the pictures from this season’s catalog.

It’s classy and timeless and the way I envision myself dressing when I’m a grown-up (some day).

Perhaps my spring wardrobe could take some inspiration from this while also keeping a bit of my youthful trendiness that I’m using up in the last years of my 20’s.

This picture reminds me of my sister (who has almost exactly this classy style) and me. We had so much fun getting dressed and sharing clothes when we lived together in college.  I miss her so much!


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5 responses to “Inspiration Board: Spring 2011

  1. AH! I LOVE that dress/outfit! It’s sooo lovely! I’m going to have to start shopping at Talbots! I’ve found, however, that although the clothes may be coming into themselves, some of the sales ladies aren’t — I walked in one time because I had gotten a really fun skirt there on a whim, and thought I’d look around again, and the sales lady came up to me and asked what I was looking for (technically nothing, but….) “We don’t have anything like that here” she said, as if to usher my young blood back out the door. ooookay then. I’ll have to try again at a nicer location :p I’m really going to have to go look at their catalog though!

  2. I feel bad. I should also note, that since, I walked in with mom, and the lady jumped at the chance to have us both try on their new line of jeans. I HIGHLY recommend them!!! They’re soo amazing! That really cool high waisted look, and fit so delightfully. I wanted to get 3 pair. so… another good reason to stop in.

  3. Marianoel

    Awww! I can sooo see that!

  4. Hey wait a second — that sister blip wasn’t there when I read the first draft…

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