30-30 Day 4.5 – 5

I went into H&M last month with the express intent of buying a birthday dress.  They had some nice options but I wasn’t sure.  My friend helped with opinions and we both decided we liked this bright red sweet heart one.  (Thanks Kim!)  I saved it all month – it was a little difficult – and finally got to wear it this weekend.

I cheated a little and wore it both to my birthday dinner party on Friday night and to church the next morning.  But nobody saw me twice so – no harm done.  It’s a pretty bright red dress, but with the cardigan I think it’s classy.  A middle aged lady wearing a beautiful red and black plaid taffeta shirt came over and said,

“Wow, I’m glad somebody else is wearing red!  I still hear my mom’s voice in my head saying, ‘Never wear red to church!’    But you wearing that dress makes me feel a lot better!”

I told her not to worry because I loved her shirt and that she looked great in it.

Isn’t it funny how we hear our mother’s voice and opinions well into our adulthood?  I can still think of things I mom has told me that stuck irrationally into my head.


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7 responses to “30-30 Day 4.5 – 5

  1. Can I just say 1 more time… I LOVE the drawings! It’s hard to get a decent picture of an outfit, but the drawings are SO cute and work really well to clarify. Super fun!

  2. K-dawg

    Joo look gohhhgeous!
    Need to take a better picture of you in the black and white dress, that one, while a nice photo of you does not do it justice, it’s kind of hard to see properly.
    Also: Whoa, sequin free for 6 days! Are you having withdrawals yet? 🙂

    • happinessinbites

      Considering I only packed 2 sequin shirts for this project, I will be sequin-free a bit more. Take a deep breath – it won’t last long 😉

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  5. susan

    what irrational things your mother said stick in your mind? No that’s not right what things your mother said stuck in your mind irrationally?
    Love and kisses

    Your mother

    • happinessinbites

      Oh maybe like when I cut my hair short and you met me at the airport and the first thing out of your mouth wasn’t “hello,” but, “I thought you WANTED a boyfriend!” oh boy…..

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