My 30 for 30 Picks

Finally – I thought it would be cute to illustrate these, but that obviously took a couple of days.

I found it surprisingly hard to pick out 30 things.  How will I know what I need later?!  Or what I mismatched?  I guess that’s part of this exercise.

If you’re counting these up there’s only 28 – because I got a special dress for my birthday dinner, and will need shoes for that.  I almost didn’t count it, because it’s just something I can wear once, but…. after coming up with only 28 things anyway – and it is only a 28 day month, I decided to include them in the count.  They’re not listed here, it’s a surprise you’ll have to wait to see until Monday!

But here’s my picks!



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5 responses to “My 30 for 30 Picks

  1. Ana

    Love the illustrations – you are so talented!

  2. i love these! so cute. i can’t wait to see how you put your wardrobe together this month! i will be sure to keep tabs on ya… gotta make sure you stick to it!!

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