Audrey Hepburn Meets the 80’s

I always feel boppily 60’s in these cropped jeans and flats.  My shoes and blazer are more firmly planted in the 80’s.  It’s a nice post-modern fashion mix.

This was an outfit that I put together from what was nearby since I woke up with only 10 minutes to get ready.  And happily it works!

I’m addicted to pushing up the sleeves of blazers.  I’m usually feel so strong and manly and shape-less in them and somehow pushing the sleeves up seems more approachable.  It also probably stretches out the sleeves and ruins them for wearing down but… that’s the beauty of Express!

Jeans: J Brand via Antrhopologie (sale!), ’09

T-Shirt: H&M, ’08

Blazer: Express, ’02? (Pilfered from my sisters cast offs)

Shoes: Nine West via TJ Maxx, ’10


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