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30 For 30 Winter Remix Challenge

I’ve joined the remix challenge on Kendi Everyday.  As she said, February is the last month that we can do this as a winter remix (she lives in Texas) and since I live in a similar climate, I’m going to join in for the last month of “winter” (If you can even call what we have here winter at all).  Click here for more information about this challenge.

Not much to report on this last day of January, except for that I was a lazy butt and didn’t pick out my clothes yet, and I’m wearing this exact same outfit again.  Except I’m wearing slightly different jeans, which don’t even show up because they’re also dark rinse and tucked into boots.

Tomorrow I’ll post my 30 pieces (including shoes but not accessories) and the remixing will begin!

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Multi Print Leopard Shoes

A close up of these lovelies!

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Audrey Hepburn Meets the 80’s

I always feel boppily 60’s in these cropped jeans and flats.  My shoes and blazer are more firmly planted in the 80’s.  It’s a nice post-modern fashion mix.

This was an outfit that I put together from what was nearby since I woke up with only 10 minutes to get ready.  And happily it works!

I’m addicted to pushing up the sleeves of blazers.  I’m usually feel so strong and manly and shape-less in them and somehow pushing the sleeves up seems more approachable.  It also probably stretches out the sleeves and ruins them for wearing down but… that’s the beauty of Express!

Jeans: J Brand via Antrhopologie (sale!), ’09

T-Shirt: H&M, ’08

Blazer: Express, ’02? (Pilfered from my sisters cast offs)

Shoes: Nine West via TJ Maxx, ’10


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A Little Metal in Your Life

I love this outfit!  It’s classy but has a touch of edge.  In the past year I’d have to say that I’ve been wearing more black and silver, liking things that are more spunky and aggressive.  My coloring looks best in the Autumn color range, browns, maroons, and army green.  While I like those colors, I’ve been anything but in the mood for brown.  My feeling is that you can’t dress in this young stand-offish way forever, so while I’m still in my twenties I’m going to embrace it.

The shirt doesn’t really show up that well because it was so bright out.  But it’s a great modern camp shirt with sleeve tabs to keep them rolled up – another detail to love!

I love the geometric detailing on this skirt, the back is even better so I’ll have to remember to take a picture of it later.

Shirt – Express, ’09

Skirt – Express, ’10 (Can you feel the Express love?!)

Purse – NRack, gifted, ’11 ( I love the round studs – detail shot later)

Shoes – Piperlime, ’11

Tights – Express, ’10

Belt – NRack, ’09

Watch – Fossil, gifted, ’10


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Work-a-Day Sequins

I like the mix of something that used to be evening wear, with the day-time denim work shirt.  I got some compliments on the combination, “it’s gutsy!”

I wish it had more waste, maybe next time I add a belt?  I feel like when I look at this picture the skirt makes me feel short.  What do you think?

Denim Shirt, H&M ’10

Sequin Shirt, Express ’10

Knit Skirt, Forever 21 ’10

Boots, Rockport ’09


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Bright Leopard Print and Stripes

Capturing the last rays of daylight I snuck into my friends back yard to take this picture.   Now I’m struck by all the bright green.   These shoes are crazy, multi leopard print.  When I first saw them in the store I thought, “who would buy those?!”  And then later in TJ Maxx I nabbed them and haven’t looked back since.  So fun!

Shirt: N Rack, ’10

Sweater: Armani Exchange, ’09 (such a cozy sweater!  Have almost worn it out, sadly.)

Skirt: Express, ’10

Tights: Express (They make the best mid price tights!)

Shoes: Nine West, via TJ Maxx, ’10

Necklace: Express, ’09 (Gift from my sister)


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Sequin Snow Drift

My mom got me this shirt pre-Christmas as she said she wanted me to have things that sparkled for the holidays.  My sequin affair started a year ago last fall, and since then I think I must have enough sequined shirts to wear one a day for a week.  I love how this one tapers off, as if a snow drift of sequins landed on my shoulders and is starting to melt.

Shirt and Sweater: Express, ’10

Jeans: J Brand, Anthropologie (on sale!), ’09

Boots: Rockport, ’10

Watch: Fossil, ’10

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The Red Boots & The Ivy

It was sunny and warmer today, so I wore my sunny California winter short-sleeved sweater.

I realized after leaving home that my leggings looked like a cooler black.  Black can be such an obnoxious color since you’d assume black is black but… no.  Next time I wear this sweater I think I’ll pair it with my skinny jeans.

My hair is picking up so much pink from the sunset it looks red!

Sweater: Express, ’10

Boots: Mia Mooz, ’10

Leggings: Express



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Blue Infinity


It was a freezing cold day and raining so jeans and boots were in order.  I felt a little like I was about to go ride horses but I like this outfit it was really warm and cozy when the office was 64 degrees this morning.

Boots: Rockport ’09

Blazer: Banana Republic ’07 (I’ve almost worn it to death! Such a good buy.)

Jeans: Guess by Marciano ’10 (I had to get the waist tailored but now they fit great.)

Tank Top: H&M

Infinity Scarf: Gifted

Bracelet: Gifted from China, it’s stone.


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